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Awesome stuff for the Barbecue

About the Degrees PID Controller:

Degrees PID Controller comes in a protection box for out side use.

Key Features:
4 channels PIT and FOOD control (1 PIT + 3 FOOD)
3 Channels For Air, Electric and Servo Units
1 Micro SD Card channels for updates

Multiple operation mode with 3 settings:
-Manual (fan speed manual regulated)
-Auto (fan speed PID regulated)
-Advanced mode (advanced cooking programs)

Hybrid feature:
Control your BBQ with Air(Air unit with 14 CFM fan is a separate unit)
Control Your BBQ with Electric heat element (E-Unit is separate unit) 

Other cool stuff:
Food temperature stall detection
LID open detection
Wifi connection and remote control via cloud connected web app

Whats not to like!

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